e-Azteca Tricycle


The e-Azteca electric tricycle is meticulously designed by a young and innovative Canadian team, brimming with ideas to help make life extra fun for you and your family!

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e-Azteca Fat Tricycle


The E-FAT-Azteca trike is truly one of a kind. Equipped with a powerful Dapu engine, it offers a pleasant, effortless, and secure ride. Windy conditions or hilly terrain are no match for the E-FAT-Azteca. It will get you where you need to go!

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Blue Rev Trio Tricycle


The Trio is the electric tricycle that has it all. With a powerful 500 watt front motor on a 24″ wheel, this electric trike will get you moving places fast. The Trio has ample room to carry your belongings or other cargo with a large rear and front carrier.

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