Motorino XMR


MOTORINO XMR does not only look fast it actually beats in acceleration many gas powered bikes. Classified as a Power Assisted Bicycle, this bike doesn’t require registration or a driver’s license. This electric bike is built on a 150cc gas scooter platform and features 12″ rims with 20″ tires. Top speed is 32 km/h and max torque is 80Nm. The Motorino XMR incorporates our improved automatic CCT drive system and latest technology Sine-Wave controller. It has a continuous Power rating of 500W with a peak of 2400W.

Hydraulic Brakes with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

The dual hydraulic disk brakes are equipped with an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) which ensures safe and effective braking. ABS is a very important feature for scooters as it greatly reduces the possibility of brake lock up and therefore provides the rider a better chance of steering out of trouble.

The ABS brakes allow the driver to maintain steering control under heavy braking by preventing a skid and allowing the wheel to maintain traction with the road surface as directed by the rider. The ABS offers improved control on slippery surfaces such as ice, packed snow, gravel, steel plates, wet leaves, wet cement or anything other slippery pavement.

The main benefit of ABS on such surfaces is to increase the ability of the driver to maintain control of the vehicle rather than go into a skid. In the four wheel vehicles the ABS is electronically controlled for each wheel. The recent technology allowed the ABS to be controlled none electronically but with the use of sophisticated valve system distributing optimized pressure to the brake master cylinder. In the Motorino scooters the ABS of each disk brake is independent and it is controlled by Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU). The front and the rear wheel units are different considering the fact that approximately 60% of the braking power of two wheel vehicles is provided by the front wheel.
Unique Electric Drive Design

As seen on all MOTORINO™ XP models, this scooter is fitted with our unique CCT drive system. This drive system provides three electronic gears allowing selection of high torque, high speed or high range depending, on the riders preference and road conditions, while maintaining a high motor efficiency. Rated at 500W continuous power, our CCT system is capable of providing peak torque comparable to that seen in 50cc gas scooters with zero emissions and all the advantages of a Motor Assisted Cycle (MAC) classification (no licence, no insurance, free parking).

Regenerative Braking System

As with all MOTORINO™ XP models, this scooter also features regenerative braking; this takes energy normally wasted during braking and turns it into usable energy which is returned to the battery pack, extending your driving range and increasing the efficiency of your MOTORINO™. Regenerative braking not only provides energy to the battery, it also extends the life of your brake pads to almost double that seen on typical gas scooters.

Drive System

Motor: 500W continuous, 2400 W peak power
Motor Controller: CPU controlled, CCT Sine-Wave, regenerative

Power System

Battery Pack

Battery: 72v 20ah SLA battery pack


Charger: 3.5A input AC 100 – 240V, output DC 84V

Charging Time: 6 hrs with 3.5A charger

12V Subsystem

DC/DC 12V 10A converter 12V socket

Running Gear


Mechanical: front and rear hydraulic disk brakes with ABS (Anti-Lock Braking system) Electric: front and rear regenerative.


Hydraulic front suspension, 2 shock absorbers, single hydraulic on rear.

Tires & Wheels

Tires: Tubeless all weather 4″ wide tires

Wheels: 13″ aluminum motorcycle wheel

Body & Chassis

Available Colours



Motorcycle-grade high-tensile steel frame.



Composite ABS with two coats epoxy paint


Double seat 82cm above ground


Safety equipment

Mirrors, front and back turn signals, tail and brake lights, horn


Range: up to 80km range based on flat and 75 kg (165 lbs) load**

Top Speed: max 32km/h based on flat and 80kg load.
Climbing ability:


Dimensions and Weights

Weight (with battery pack): 110kg (242lb)

Weight (without battery pack):60kg (132lb)
Wheelbase: 124cm (49″)
Overall length: 150cm (59″)