Mobility Scooters

Blue Rev Trio Tricycle


The Trio is the electric tricycle that has it all. With a powerful 500 watt front motor on a 24″ wheel, this electric trike will get you moving places fast. The Trio has ample room to carry your belongings or other cargo with a large rear and front carrier. The Trio comes equipped with a thumb throttle, Pedal Assist Sensors and powerful hydraulic brakes to stop smoothly and safely. If you were ever in the market for the perfect electric trike that has it it all, then the Trio would be an excellent choice.

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EBP Comfort 60V Mobility Scooter

$2999 no tax

EBP COMFORT 60V MOBILITY SCOOTER This mobility scooter is specially designed for people with any mobility issues including leg, hip, back lower body and upper body. It was specially designed to be ultra comfortable and very easy to use. It has features that other mobility device’s currently do not carry. Making the comfort 60v a great choice.

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e-Azteca Tricycle

The e-Azteca electric tricycle is meticulously designed by a young and innovative Canadian team, brimming with ideas to help make life extra fun for you and your family!

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e-Azteca Fat Tricycle

The E-FAT-Azteca trike is truly one of a kind. Equipped with a powerful Dapu engine, it offers a pleasant, effortless, and secure ride. Windy conditions or hilly terrain are no match for the E-FAT-Azteca. It will get you where you need to go!

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