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Trying to find the perfect e-bike
Trying to find the perfect e-bike can seem a little daunting. There are so many options, specifications and performance "claims" to consider like getting over 100kms on a charge. Probably the best recommendation we can make is to try as many different electric scooters as you can.

Test rides are so much more valuable than discussing potentially confusing specifications, and a great way to help you understand what you prefer and feel safe riding. However, these few points will briefly outline some of the key aspects of buying an electric scooter!

Support and Long-term Servicing
An Electric scooter is a large investment and we think (if you can) buying from a reputable local e-bike store is a very wise move. You will then have the access for any help, advice or after sales service you may need. In a similar manner, we think it is a good idea to buy an established brand.

Not only is the quality likely to be more consistent, they are also likely to be able to provide replacement parts down the track. We get almost daily queries from customers with brand "x" e-bike looking for replacement batteries ,controller, etc after the brand has disappeared.

Make sure you ask what the warranties are for the various components of the bike. Be aware that they can vary for different parts of the bike. The length of the warranty is usually a very good indication of the quality of the bike and the company that stands behind it. Motorino has the industry leading warranty of 5 years on the frame, controller and the motor!!!!

The Motorino 500w motor was designed and engineered in Vancouver which has a huge advantage over any other make and model on the market. Some companies try to "up volt" thier bikes to 72 and 80 volts to compensate the smaller motor which can give you more torque but eventually the controller and or motor will burn out.

Our 60v bikes actually have more torque than other brands 72v bikes due to Motorino's new sign wave controller. Do a test ride and see for yourself! Most e-bikes on the market have a peak of 800 watts. All Motorino motors have a peak of 1900 watts which gives almost double the torque which is a huge boost for hills and being in everyday traffic. 5 YEAR WARRANTY ON MOTOR !!!

All Motorino tires are 3.5 to 4 inches wide which give a lot more stability, balance and great for cornering. The biggest advantage is that they are also tubeless. All other brands have thin walled skinny tires that have tubes in them.

An average biker with these tires will go through 2-3 flat tires per month and at $80 to fix a flat tire that is easily over $200/month in just tire repair! Not counting being late for work and being stranded with a flat tire on the road. All Motorino bikes com with a automotive plug kit and an on-board air compressor to get you on your way in under 5 minutes.

All Motorino brake systems are hydraulic ABS disk brakes on BOTH wheels. This is a far superior and safer braking system than the conventional drum brake system. Some may argue that you are only going 32km/h and ABS hydraulic brakes are not needed but with a combined average weight of bike and rider of over 300lbs, when a car pulls out in front of you and need to brake you want the safest and fastest braking system possible.

ABS brakes are also very good in rainy conditions as well. In a drum brake system you are constantly adjusting and trying to tighten your brakes and in a short amount of time you will need service work done on your bike which is time and more money.

Motorino electric scooters are all on motorcycle grade frames which gives very good handling and more importantly, safer if you are in a collision. Also because they are on a certified motorcycle frame they have a motorcycle suspension and shock which gives you a softer, more enjoyable ride. Check to see if other brands are claiming they have a motorcycle frame. If the tires are 3" or smaller then they are not on a motorcycle frame. 5 YEAR WARRANTY!!!

After reading these few points we hope you are a little more informed on the main differences of the quality of different brands of electric scooters. When it comes to e-bikes you really get what you pay for and you cant put a price on customer service which is what e-Ride London values the most! TEST RIDES ARE CRUCIAL!!!!

Please feel free to contact us and ask about our finance program.

3-5 year financing options
No money down for 6 months
Interest rates of 8%-13% depending on each program....You choose!!!
1. What is the range of a fully charged MOTORINO scooter?

The Range is affected by the weight of rider, the type of terrain and the manner of driving. The scooters can hold two battery packs.

  1. with basic battery pack the range is 50 km based on flat surface and a loading weight of 170Lb;
  2. with dual battery pack the range is increased to 80 km;
  3. the regenerative braking system of MOTORINO can extend their range up to 15% depending on the manner of riding and the terrain
2. How fast does the MOTORINO scooter go?

The MOTORINO scooters are classified as bicycles in many countries, including Canada and as such the speed is limited to 32 km/hr.

3. How does riding a MOTORINO electric scooter differ from the riding of a gas scooter?

The riding of electric scooter is incomparably more comfortable than riding of a gas scooter because:

  1. it is absolutely quiet;
  2. the electric scooter has no clutch but it is direct driven by a motor built in the rear axle which provides a quick acceleration 0 to 30km/hr in 4 seconds;
  3. the low position of the battery pack shifts the electric scooter center of gravity low to the ground which makes it stable and easier to balance than a regular bicycle.
4. What inclines can the MOTORINO scooter handle?

The MOTORINO electric scooters equipped with 500W high torque brushless motor can handle hills of 15 -17 degrees with a load of 170Lb. The MOTORINO HTh model equipped with a geared motor with DYNATECH torque converter can handle hills of up to 20 degrees.

5. What are the pedals for? Do I need to start the scooter by pedaling?

You dont need to start the scooter by pedaling. The MOTORINO motor is powerful enough to start it just by twisting the throttle even on a hilly terrain. The pedals, however, qualify the scooter as a bicycle and make it usable under the same regulations as a bicycle. The pedals are also useful if the scooter is used by two people on a hilly terrain to assist the motor.

6. What maintenance is required?

The MOTORINO electric scooter is designed to be maintenance free. Considering the fact that this scooter has no combustion engine, no transmission, no belts, no chains, no clutch, no ignition plugs, no carburetor, and uses no gasoline and no lubricants it requires very little maintenance. Modular designed components are practically maintenance free. The unique design of the direct drive system and the use of brushless motor make the MOTORINO scooter much easier to maintain than other electric scooters. Typically the only technical problem could be a flat tire, the replacement of which is not very different from a regular bike and any bike shop would be able to do it. However, you should check regularly for loose nuts, adjust the brakes, lubricate the chain and charge the batteries.

7. What about parts, is it a problem getting parts for the MOTORINO scooter?

Parts are not a problem. Expendable parts like tires, tubes, bulbs, etc. can be found in just about any regular bike store. Besides, you can find in our website a detailed Parts List for every MOTORINO scooter and you can order them online. All MOTORINO scooters are covered with one year bumper to bumper warranty, two years for the frame and six month for the battery.

8. How do I charge the battery?

The battery can be charged on the board by plugging the charger cable into the charging terminal or off the board by removing the battery from the scooter and charging separately. The battery doesnt have a memory and can be charged at any stage. For longer battery life it is recommended to be plugged in after every ride. You dont need to time the battery charge. When the battery is fully charged the charger switch to a trickle charge mode and prevents overcharging.

9. How long will the batteries last? What is the battery life cycle? What is the battery replacement price?

The battery is a deep cycle lead acid and is good for 300-400 cycles. However if you top it up before fully discharged you can double and triple the number of cycles and extend the battery life to 2-3 years or more. The replacement cost of the basic battery pack is $180.00 to $240.00 and the second battery is $180.00.

10. How can I know my consumption, battery condition and energy level?

The MOTORINO scooters dashboard has an indicator showing at any time the consumption current and the current you are generating while breaking. Another indicator shows the percentage of the energy left in the battery.

11. What is the power consumption for charging the batteries?

Charging two batteries from flat consumes 1.2 to 1.4 KWH which amounts to $0.007 to $0.008 for a cost of $0.006 per KWH.

12. If I have two batteries, do I need to carry them all the time?

It is not necessary. If you go for a short range you can remove the second battery and use under the seat space as a storage. However, before plugging in the second battery make sure both battery packs are fully charged. Using two batteries eliminates the power sagging if you ride the scooter on hills close to 15 degrees pitch. 13. If one of the batteries has a problem do I need to replace them all?


Not necessarily. Simply ask your dealer to check the batteries condition and only replace the one which is not good.

14. Can I use the scooter in rain? Can I clean it with water without any concern?

Absolutely. The electric system is covered and the motor is completely sealed. In fact the MOTORINO scooters are tested in rain simulation cells for water resistance.

15. What are the advantages of having an electric scooter?
  1. Freedom - it is classified as a bicycle and as such can benefit from all the freedom you have riding a regular bike;
  2. Economical dont pay for parking, insurance, drivers license, gas, maintenance, pennies to charge. If used as a substitute of car it pays of in 4 months;
  3. Safer than a bike the scooters look and have all safety features as a gas motorcycle. From our customers experience car drivers pay scooter riders more respect than if they ride a regular bicycle;
  4. Quiet no any engine and transmission noise. It is literally noiseless;
  5. Environmental it is more environmental than using a bus. Utilizes the idle night energy when you charge it. Batteries are recycled and there is no emission;
  6. A lot of fun you will believe when you try it.
16. Who would benefit from an electric scooter?
  1. People who need to avoid heavy traffic. Since our MOTORINO scooters are classified by Transport Canada as Power Assisted Bicycles they can travel beside the traffic or anywhere where regular bicycles are used;
  2. People working in the city tired of looking and paying for parking. All MOTORINO scooters can be legally parked on the sidewalk using their antitheft security features;
  3. Daily commuters traveling up to 60-70 km on flat or 30-40 on hills. The high torque motor provides enough power to handle 15 degree hills;
  4. Commuters who hate to get wet in a rainy weather. The specially designed for MOTORINO scooters rain cape which is included with the scooter and the visor helmet protect the rider completely in rain;
  5. The environment.

Motorino has the industry leading warranty of 5 years on the frame, controller and the motor!

Motorino Product Warranty by e-Ride London

e-Ride London warrants to the original retail purchaser ("the purchaser") that the e-Ride product for which this warranty has been issued is free from defects in material and workmanship as follows:
-Motorino electric scooter warranty period is 5 Years for the motor, 5 years for the frame, and 5 years for the controller. All lead acid battery packs have a 180 day warranty period.
The following parts are not covered by the warranty: tires and tubes, brake parts, all cables, bulbs, kick-stands, seat and hand grips, rubber parts, cracked or scratched body panels.
If a product is found defective within the warranty period, e-Ride London will repair or replace the defective parts free of charge providing that the defective part is returned; shipping charges are the customers responsibility. This warranty does not cover any e-Ride product that has been damaged as a result of misuse, neglect, unauthorized service, or has been used in any way contrary to the operating instructions as specified in the Owner's Manual for this product.

E-Ride Warranty Limitations
The duration of any implied warranty or condition, of merchantability for a particular purpose, or otherwise, on this product shall be limited to the duration of the express warranty set forth above. In no event shall e-Ride be liable for any loss, inconvenience or damage, whether direct, incidental, consequential or otherwise, resulting from breach of any express or implied warranty or condition, of merchantability for a particular purpose, or otherwise with respect to this product, except as set forth herein. Some provinces or countries do not allow limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts and some do not allow exclusions or limitations of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which may vary, from location to location. This warranty will be interpreted pursuant to the laws of Canada. The original English language version/meaning of this warranty controls over all translations and e-Ride is not responsible for any errors in translation of this warranty or any product instructions. This warranty is not intended to confer any additional legal, jurisdictional or warranty rights to you other that those set forth herein or required by law. If any portion of this warranty is held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such finding will not invalidate any other provision. For products purchased in countries other than Canada please contact Greenwit's authorized distributor in that respective country.

Risks Inherent to Operation
Operating a Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) involves risks and dangers that may cause serious bodily injury. These risks and dangers also include, but are not limited to, paralysis, disability, dismemberment, and death. These inherent risks may be the result of purchasers own actions or non-actions involving themselves, others, or specific circumstances of the activity occurring, or the neglect or negligence of themselves and/or others. There may be other risks known or unknown to the Purchaser. The Purchaser assumes all risks and fully assumes and accepts responsibility for events that may not be foreseeable including economic loss, social distress, losses, costs, and damages caused as a result of persons vehicle riding activities.
Purchaser's Responsibility
The Purchaser understands the nature of riding a LEV and acknowledges that he or she is qualified to operate a LEV as purchased from e-Ride. The purchaser understands that they must abide by provincial laws and be in proper physical condition to ride a Motorino scooter. The Purchaser is also responsible to inspect the motor vehicle before using it to make sure that the motor vehicle is safe to use and in good riding order.

A $30.00 service charge will apply for any late payment, including NSF check or declined credit card charge. Deposits
For customer orders of specific models or colours, the deposit is non-refundable if the product has been shipped from our supplier at the time the customer notifies us of their desire to cancel the order. In the case of an order being cancelled before it has left our suppliers warehouse, a $25 processing charge will be deducted from the deposit.

Transport Charges
All transport charges incurred in returning a Motorino product to our facility for service or warranty are the responsibility of the customer.

Regulations All of the models of Ebikes and electric bicycles carried by London E-ride require no license, no registration, no insurance, and of course, no gas! This includes all of the larger scooter-style ebikes.

Sometimes figuring out the requirements can seem confusing and even overwhelming. Please feel free to visit or contact our store where our knowledgeable staff can inform you of any particular licensing or other requirements necessary for operating these vehicles in Ontario.

Click here to check out what the Ontario Ministry of Transportation has to say about e-bikes
Pre-operational Safety Tips

1. Read your owners manual carefully before using your Electric Scooter.
2. If there are any loose or damaged parts, perform adjustments or repairs before riding.
3. Familiarize yourself with the components of your electric scooter.
4.Both tires on your electric scooter should be inflated to the maximum recommended pressure-printed on the sidewall of the tire or specified in the manual.
5. Make certain that the brakes work properly by applying the brakes separately, (front brake then back brake) and manually pushing the electric scooter forward. Adjust brakes if required. Refer to manual for detailed instructions.
7. Make certain the battery is charged completely by hooking up the charger. If the red light is on, the charge is in process. Charge it until the green light comes on.

Performance and Range

Your electric scooter will get the best performance when used on smooth and flat terrain. The range may vary depending on the load weight, terrain, tire pressure, wind resistance and the number of stops. Remember to charge your scooter after every ride, even a short ride! Never leave the batteries in a discharged state overnight. Do not force the motor on steep terrain; rather gently use the power while you are pedalling. Assisting the motors acceleration by using the pedals will increase your speed and range.

Circuit Protection
All the Motorino Electric Scooters are equipped with several electrical circuit protection devices.

1. The motor controller will automatically limit the current to protect the motor from over-heating. This may occur when you are traveling up a steep incline or a similarly demanding environment.
2. Check your manual if your electric scooter is equipped with a low voltage protection switch. If the battery voltage drops below the specified protection level, the controller will shut down automatically. If there is no protection switch, you should keep track on the battery charge level. Check in your manual the recommended charge indication level up to which you can safely ride your electric scooter. When the batteries are in a low state of charge, a quick acceleration of the throttle or otherwise high demand of current will drain the power faster. This will also shorten the battery life. Assisting with the pedals to accelerate your electric scooter will prevent such an extreme voltage drop.
3. In some models there is also a protection fuse connected between the batteries. It works as an ultimate protection of the motor and the batteries.


It is very important to keep your tires inflated to the recommended pressure printed on the sidewall of the tire. Low tire pressure can result in the following:

1. Reduced range
2. Reduced speed
3. Diminished battery life due to excessive current draw
4. Overheating of controller and/or motor, which could result in failure. Tires will slowly lose pressure over time, so be sure to monitor your tire pressure frequently.


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